“EVOCATION" is inspired by the stormy coasts of western Europe: Portugel, where the lashing winds and waves make snuggling inside the warmth of smooth, slinky cashmere seem even more enticing. Pieces include heavy crochet look-alikes, newly updated fine basics, coats with a craggy texture, colours and patterns with a hint of folk traditions. The collection leans natural and passionate, evoking a calming distance from the bustling metropolis.

1700 crochet M.jpg
1000 crochet w.jpg
1700 stripe brown w.jpg
1600 shell shoulder w.jpg
1700 inta jacket grey w.jpg
1700 lace jkt green.jpg
1500 1913Berlin 1314 jkt.jpg
1913Berlin by Yujia fw1314 m 4-V1 b.jpg
1913Berlin fw1314  w 4-V1.jpg
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1600 silk gown blk tg.jpg